Once again. Unbanning permabanned accounts.

**Hello everyone!** {{summoner:31}} **First of all I hope you have amazing day and also I hope this thread reach as much summoners as possible. ** **I know there is tons of posts about that but .. just give it a shot!** _There is the story…_ I started playing LoL around 2010. Typical kid enjoying new fun game to play with friends. Time passed .. 2011,12, being in NA server. Then I met real life friends that used to play in EUW. That’s when I created fresh new account. Playing from 2013 to 2015 in EUW I get kinda competitive and toxic because you know you want to win every game but this is not possible at all, even if you have good day! Ranked up to to plat V. After that I swear there was an option to transfer account for free and I used it to go to EUNE for better ping and more friends! So I moved and decided to play ranked again. As I said I was toxic back then and flamed my teammates when they didn’t good job as I wanted to. Obviously that was the worst decision because not that I’m not helping myself ranking up but getting mad at others is literally pointless and ruin the game even more. So I got permabanned. I stopped playing for some time after that (maybe 1-2 years), focused on other games. Fast forward last year I created one more account to play on .. chilling, having fun playing, being normal person. But remembering all the stuff I had in the old permabanned account I got really sad because it’s nostalgic and the things I had over there can’t have them back. Not expensive but it’s not about the money , its about the feeling. I totally agree now that I see from grown up perspective being that toxic deserved the ban. But I am wondering and hoping if there is another way to go through this since I’m not the only one old player being permabanned because they were really toxic to others. I’ve read about some program Riot had for such accounts but I didn’t follow any Riot news at that time. Also I’ve read most of the people got unbanned, they got re-banned again because they didn’t prove they changed and continued raging and being toxic. **Maybe we can start that experiment again? For people that actually changed? Maybe we can enjoy our old stuff that we had memories with, have it again?** **I know very clear that Riot doesn’t unban. At all. ** **I just wanna make things work. Try! ** Talked many times with Support about that and the only thing they say to me is : _“I wish we could, but we can’t. So sorry!“ (short vers)_ 2020 Now I just created new account but .. believe me .. it’s like starting the game again for first time in my life and I don’t enjoy the account as much as I would like to. **Thank you for your time and I hope we can figure that out somehow! With ideas and discussions! ** GL&HF summoners! {{champion:103}}
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