14 days ban

Hello Can someone explain me how the report system works? I looked on the internet but didnt found something. I Always had a good behaviour, my honors says enough. now yesterday I got one game that I was so tilted and I flamed a bit. Never in that way I should get a ban or something. I just said him the truth about his plays and trolls. Today I start my Leaugue client and a window pops that I have a 14 days ban because of bad behaviour. But I had never 10 or 25 chat restrictions before. And normally thats the first way to punish a player no? Can someone explain me how it works because it feels so unfair that because one game that I flamed a bit immediatly 14 days ban and other trolls and flamers just can keep going without punishment. And is it possible to talk about it with riot? thanks {{item:3070}} Game 1 RitaGesof: never saw a kennen supp, but maybe it works RitaGesof: since when is xayah adc trollpick RitaGesof: o yeah, since a kid of twelve years thinks he's adc but said it the last XD RitaGesof: and now muted, grow up RitaGesof: you have 20 what? RitaGesof: 20 braincells? RitaGesof: kennen noob RitaGesof: thats was not the deal mate RitaGesof: kennen noob RitaGesof: hahaha you know that kennen said he was platinum seasons before, I checked op.gg and he has never been higher of silver II RitaGesof: %%%got RitaGesof: * %%% RitaGesof: you play lol as bad as you talk english RitaGesof: so, really bad RitaGesof: man kennen lol, since when need a supp kills? RitaGesof: kennen I dont answer that RitaGesof: if kennen wasnt so %%%%%%ed we won this easily greets

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