Players behavoir regarding initiating surrender votes, perhaps needs a redesign on surrender system.

After having a game of ARAMs where there was an AFK farming Olaf (rushes ravenous hydra like he wants to farm, terrible champion damage, never goes in), who proceeds to initiate surrender ASAP on cooldown constantly (at least 5 times) even though it was ALWAYS 4 AGAINST 1; I've seen a real issue with the Surrender System as a whole. This constant negative attitude is demolishing to the whole idea of team-play and tediously distracting. I propose a **lockout system** to a player from initiating another vote, if the rest of the team is unanimously against a surrender, reasoning because: 1. There is no point constantly being reminded of one person's (Player A) perspective if all others are in disagreement of them. 2. If any other player changes their mind, then this Player B can initiate a vote, and Player A can still add their vote regardless of which way they now choose. 3. Reduces distractions from those that wish to continue, and keeps a more positive attitude for the team. 4. In no way will change when a team will be able to surrender, as its doesn't affect timing / vote agreement to the current system.
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