First Blood? No problem!

Just had a pretty amazing game, in more ways than one. All was going well in this game...for the first 2 minutes and 15 seconds. Twisted Fate {{champion:4}} on our team died to Jax {{champion:24}} - first blood. "WTF" he said in all chat. {{champion:4}} *A player has disconnected*... So at 2 minutes 15 seconds - ragequit and 4v5. Morale, as you can imagine, was low - I'm on voice chat with a friend as we're duo bot. {{champion:96}} "Is he serious?" my friend asks. {{champion:25}} "Yup." I say, and continue playing. {{champion:96}} "ff 20" my friend says. But I'm stubborn, so decided we'd give it our all. cue a 36:29 game. At 19:20 I joked "Well, 40 seconds until we can surrender or get a speed boost!". Every time one of our team got caught out, it felt painful. 1/4 of the team wiped out instantly. Pushing back multiple lanes at once, trying to avoid the top lane solo push as well as then leaving another at a disadvantage. The end result of this 4v5 from the beginning: Alright, so it's rare. 4v5's are tough, and normally are pretty demoralising, and normally result in a loss. However, it's not impossible! Morale, I believe, and teamwork helped our team win this one. We kept it together, we didn't all start "ff 20, report tf, bg" - we just kept playing, and tried our best - and this is where it got us! :-D
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