Permanently banned, teammates lock in troll picks and report me, have a fun read :) Gold I elo hell

today at 1:00 am I played my last game for the session as Jhin adc, I got a Malzahar support who was premade with Khazix, who were croat-serbs and just spammed curse words at our team, putting a feeding frenzy, malz was lvl 9 I was lvl 12, ofcourse we lost the game. fast forward today, I play a game where my support insta locks ezreal, jungle locks Kaisa, I play Jhin. First minute of the game, Ezreal gives a double kill to enemy Lucian who was with Nami, enemy team also had Yasuo on mid, Amumu in jungle and Fiora on top. I already had a 14 day suspension before so I learnt my lesson of curse words :) Ezreal took my creeps on bot, he let me hold the turret on several occasions, and me as a Jhin, I scored a few shutdowns under turret with my trusty root (W). Kaisa had the time to bad mouth me but never ganked bot, Amumu was on bot 3 times, Yasuo came twice. Regardless, I knew this game is up to win or lose by a thread, so I stopped argumenting with my troll ezreal support and kaisa jungle and started focusing on the game, I scored the finishing aces, I scored the important roots that allowed us to 1v5 certain champions, I did a lot of things which contributed to our win. After the game I felt proud that I actually won given the circumstances, which were just blowing my head in... only to find out I've gotten perma banned... I've already opened a ticket but the reply was "oh we have seen your chat logs and.." mate... you've seen the chat logs, you've never checked the game, THE GAME. Ofcourse I am mad when my teammates are sabotaging me, how am I not to respond harshly at times? It is only human. But given the circumstances of what I've had to dig through and go through to pull of this win and get a perma ban is disgusting to me honestly. I hope I can strike some sense into a Dev who will take his time and effort to check into this issue. Some of you may think, meeh its a gold I issue, that elo is hell anyways, well any game I've spent time playing I've gotten to certain hights, wheter it be global on cs go, gladiator on wow, I've never ever in my life encountered a game with such a community. Yours sincerely, EDarED
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