When you have toxic friends

Hi all! Let me tell you a story, that happened around midnight. So, me and my friend were playing next to each other (he computer, me laptop) ranked games both, I was near the end of my game, he... I don't know, wasn't watching. T-Home decides that we don't need internet, TV or phone at all, so "Trying to reconnect" for like 3 mins... I did not want to get a leave because we were winning, baron, 2 inhibs down and all. I decided to that small amount of mobile data I still had (khm, like 20 mb) I will use. Able to recconect, team flaming, I politely tell them that my net went off and I use my mobile to stay. There comes my friend... OMG YOU SELFISH LITTLE (I will just write a few stars in the place of swearings, let your imagination flow) **. HELP ME TOO!!! "Okay" I said. Went my data to share trough USB. His computer didn't like my phone and once again I found myself on 12000 ms. I plugged the phone out and said: 'I can't help". He swore more, turned his mobile data on and put it into my face "Now what do I have to do to make net?!". I did not see where his option of sharing it trough USB was, so I shook my head and told him once again, that I cannot help him. A few mins later T-Home decided that maybe we do need the internet. It came back, He had to restart his computer, and came back to a loose. I played it and won. He rushed out of the room, screaming how a noob little *** like me can win but he will get back to silver if he always gets trolls and feeders. He for like more 10 mins told me of how noob I am and now I should loose 2 ranked with me TROLLING! "Ok, if you want to... I will go into two games and afk out at the beginning so no other will be hurt". "NO, YOU HAVE TO AFK AFTER 5 MINS SO NO REMAKE WILL TRIGGER, LET THEM FEEL THE PAIN BECAUSE I CAN, NOW THEY SHOULD!". Riot heard his wishes, I got into game with premade, one was signed to top, the other adc. I was support. The toplaner INSISTED on me going top, because they are PREMADE, and if I do not go, we will have duo supp. I gave in, picked a Fizz (bc midlaner told me he will go top...) and had to go top with the "toplaner" saying "OMG LOOK AT THAT FIZZ SUPPORT OMG TROLL IMA REPORT YOU TO RIOT NOW". I can't say that I was completely innocent cause my Fizz game count is around 3 with that ranked. (The other two are AI games) BUT, the mid lost, the jungler come twice (both when I was low HP, nasus full with mana) AND THE ENEMY was babysitting. The so called premades lost too. Game lost. Next game was just plain feeders and "my team: boosted" "enemy: smurf" situation. I just wanted to tell you guys this. Hard night it was... Again on 30 LP from 86... The one who brought me into LOL flamed at me. You know, just the things that happen every day.
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