congrats league, you finally broke me...

"any champ is viable if you play them well" "play what you enjoy" yeah all bs, people who exploid the system and play unfair champs are the ones who actualy get somewhere. My mains consist of Kindred and Rek'Sai, both which got destroyed by the balance team because they became viable, and since the rest of my champion pool doesn't include bs champs like yas with his doubble crit, vayne and her bs damage and assassins with their unfaor playstule that focuses on stabbing people in the back. Zoe, the only champ with a nonedgy and fun oersonality was preforming well? fk her she's a mage she doesn't deserve to be viable. What about other mages? gl with champions with no mobility in this stupid meta with damage through the roof. Screw quitters and this community, lesson to be taken from all of this? KS and be a selfish doushe, don't feel like playing the game despite almost wining? who gives a fk, not that riot does. Go afk and call it a day, fk the other players.
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