I need game advice

Ok, so I have two accounts and my other one is in eune silver I- I have played LOL for less than a year and just started playing rank. I never think that it´s anyone elses fault that we are losing because if I or anyone in the game were good enough then we´d win. I have a problem with the fact that people are so toxic, even if i end my game 18/2, i get flamed because no matter what i do its never good enough. I main Teemo (ikikik), I have barely lost any games with him and I really enjoy playing him. People often from my team ban him because they have had bad experiences with him in their team and basically tell me im not worthy of playing him but since he is the most common champion i play in ranked, i often lose because of this. People literally lose their lanes and its somehow my fault or people feed themselves and then blame me for idk what. Since im new to all of this - how the fudge do i put up with it? How do you deal with the ones that cant take the game as a game and have their ego blown too big in the game, how do you shut it out from your brain? Will it ever stop in any other elo?
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