14 day ban for flaming/toxicity

First thing I'll admit I deserved a ban, generally I have blood rush and I snap and write all kind of flaming comments. I know who reported me today, and I want to know if that guy got his ban, because he deserves it! His name is HisLustfuIDragon. He ruined the game for the whole team, I haven't flamed him because I told this "Necrologist: when supp is sleeping for 10 minutes". After that he said that I'm flaming and "afking :D" and went afk for at least 5 minutes. When I wrote on all chat to report him, he was there and started to act like a delicate sunflower, that he made one mistake, got flamed etc.. After that I snapped and I wrote him bunch of really flaming/toxic comments like: Necrologist: "it was not flame in the first place Necrologist: but now Necrologist: if you want Necrologist: you are fking shit and idiot, and you dont watch map at all Necrologist: so here you go fking moron" and many more because he didn't stop to annoy with acting so innocent and calling us kids In conclusion, I got my ban and I accept it and don't want it to be removed. But the only thing I want to know, if this guy is also banned and if not, why? He deserves ban for feeding, afk/leaving, annoying the team by stupid remarks like calling us kids, and "flirting" with enemy team. P.S I never write comments like: kill yourself, cancer related comments and stuff like that.

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