Unfair Chat Restriction for 10 games.

I'll get straight to the point, its as the title says, I got an unfair chat restriction for 10 games and a stripped of my honor rank over 2 games. Ill show the game logs and explain what was happening throughout. Game 1 Pre-Game Obbymaulerz: im going assassin mode Obbymaulerz: take tank top and supp? In-Game Obbymaulerz: sugma balls zil Obbymaulerz: repory zil ty Obbymaulerz: im afk farm, bot will never get a gank Obbymaulerz: get mr garen Obbymaulerz: most of them are mr Obbymaulerz: relax ezreal Obbymaulerz: just play safe Obbymaulerz: zilean trolled team Obbymaulerz: ezreal stp Obbymaulerz: stop pelase Obbymaulerz: STOP Obbymaulerz: STOP TYPE AND PLAY Obbymaulerz: wp ez Obbymaulerz: LOL Obbymaulerz: wp all Obbymaulerz: zil just stop Obbymaulerz: stop talk Obbymaulerz: HOLY Obbymaulerz: :( Obbymaulerz: ill just report zil after ga,e Obbymaulerz: zilean stick with ezreal Obbymaulerz: stop being a stupid kid Obbymaulerz: ezreal Obbymaulerz: blue Obbymaulerz: check Obbymaulerz: idiot ezreal Obbymaulerz: vi is lvl 11 Obbymaulerz: so ahead Obbymaulerz: idiot ezreal Obbymaulerz: for real Obbymaulerz: ? Obbymaulerz: wow dat slow. Obbymaulerz: get drake Obbymaulerz: sorry zil Obbymaulerz: coulnt save you Obbymaulerz: its funny how it only takes one lane to ruin the entire game. Obbymaulerz: ^^ Obbymaulerz: our bot are busy flaming esch other or trolling Obbymaulerz: just ff Obbymaulerz: u tilted me too much Obbymaulerz: bg wp Obbymaulerz: report our bot. Post-Game Obbymaulerz: report our bot pls Obbymaulerz: zil hard troll and flame Obbymaulerz: and ezreal int troll Obbymaulerz: u stole red first. Obbymaulerz: lvl 1 Obbymaulerz: then pissed off ezreal Obbymaulerz: u aa it. Obbymaulerz: when it was clearl i got it Obbymaulerz: i aint premade Obbymaulerz: ezreal Obbymaulerz: stop talk Obbymaulerz: you stupid kid Obbymaulerz: inting over a game. Obbymaulerz: braum did all the work Obbymaulerz: mom jokes is 2k18 Obbymaulerz: what a damn kid Obbymaulerz: our bot trolled so hard Obbymaulerz: kinda sad. Obbymaulerz: bad? Obbymaulerz: lucian Obbymaulerz: ezreal was clearly trolling Obbymaulerz: ur not even good Obbymaulerz: bg Obbymaulerz: xD Obbymaulerz: np Obbymaulerz: just report bot Obbymaulerz: cya Game 2 Pre-Game Obbymaulerz: really,.. Obbymaulerz: can i go mid please Obbymaulerz: thanks Obbymaulerz: jhin Obbymaulerz: u are Obbymaulerz: i mid Obbymaulerz: GL&HF Obbymaulerz: no flame Obbymaulerz: yes In-Game Obbymaulerz: for a sec i thought that was mecha sion Obbymaulerz: tell her to stop Obbymaulerz: why would you join a game if she was using the net. Obbymaulerz: sigh Obbymaulerz: we cant remake Obbymaulerz: wp Obbymaulerz: xD Obbymaulerz: ty Obbymaulerz: repor jhin Obbymaulerz: you shouldnt join a game when ur fam is using the net. Obbymaulerz: thats ur own fault Obbymaulerz: ust ff 15 Obbymaulerz: report jhin afk Obbymaulerz: yh Obbymaulerz: we open. Obbymaulerz: just report jhin Obbymaulerz: it is ur fualt jhin Obbymaulerz: u lost us the game Obbymaulerz: press yes Obbymaulerz: surr Obbymaulerz: shut up Obbymaulerz: bg wp Obbymaulerz: report jhin ty Post-Game Obbymaulerz: report jhin please Obbymaulerz: he was practically afk whole game First off, I didn't know that asking to report trollers/afkers is now muteable/bannable offence, like wtf. So in the first game, the first line is a mere meme joke, but the main issue was that from the first minute, our Zilean decides to steal red off me, preventing me from gaining exp in jungle and setting me back. He then proceeds to troll his bot lane and feed the enemy and tilt our adc (Ezreal). Our Ezreal then decides to troll/int feed the enemy by running down to them, all the while flaming the Zilean and give out the positions to the enemy in all chat. This continued throughout the majority of the game, and I tried to tell them to stop talk and play properly, and to stop troll, but it fell on deaf ears. They both continued to flame and troll one another till the game ended. So we ended up in a 3v7 situation where our own team was our enemy. I obviously lost my cool, as the game progressed the 3 of us (Top, Mid, and me) tried our best to make the situation better and win the game, but it didnt work out. In the second game our adc (Jhin) proceeded to afk after 3 mins, blaming his mother for using up the internet, he comes back to feed then goes back to being afk. Like for real, why would you play league with poor internet or when your family is using the internet, you are not only forcing your team to play a 4v5 but also lose them a main role (adc). He found it amusing as the team (including me, I know) blamed Jhin for joining a ranked game and making it worse by feeding. What I don't understand is that, why is it Riot are quick to dole out mute/bans to people who are against afkers/feeders, when they roam free ruining many games for others. Yes, I understand I showed negative attitude, but who wouldn't when you are having trolls/afks one after another when on the grind to rank up. Seems like its very easy to get punished when using the chat than actual gameplay behaviour. This is a serious discussion so please refrain from "You deserved the punishment" or "One less 'flamer' in the game" comments, white knighting wont help sort out the problem League has. TLDR: League Community has become a nutshell where Afking/Trolling/Feeding is now the norm and Riot wouldn't do anything about them but mute/ban those that are against these type of players. I would like my unfair chat restriction and honor drop to be revoked and restored, but mostly my honor restoration. Its been over a year since I had my last offence, but it seems like Riot could care less about players who enjoy ruining the game for others and dish out punishments to those who speak out. In my entire experience of playing League since Season 3, it seems, Riot cant do their job properly for making the gamers to have better experience. I feel like the punishment was so unfair over two mere games speaking out against afk/troll players. Peak times for players such as me who simply wanna play a ranked game where everyone tries their best and support one another. If we lose fair and square then so be it. GG - Obbymaulerz Bring back Honor and Happiness back to League Of Legends. P.S Riot members come out and help.
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