Sooo much flame before the game even starts.

Our toplaner was hovering Yasuo. Enemy team banned Yasuo. Someone from our team banned Darius (no one knew he would pick Darius in case of Yasuo ban). Aaand the guy goes full rage. I'm not posting it to cry or to demand ban, I just think his behaviour is completely absurd. This is complete record of pre-game lobby. Johann Gauß: ty for ban my darius Johann Gauß: really smart feedlestix: didnt you hover yasuo? fpzmffptm: You didn't look Darius Johann Gauß: yes? but its banned? fpzmffptm: Lmao Johann Gauß: its my second pick Johann Gauß: u %%%%ingg idiott Johann Gauß: are u that stupid? dNMP: who could know that darius is your backup feedlestix: lamalamao xDDDDDDDDD Johann Gauß: that u dont understandthis? dNMP: u r stupid ok? Johann Gauß: well who could know that it isnt? Johann Gauß: why are u banning it? feedlestix: im having so much fun :D dNMP: did you tell us? Johann Gauß: youre trying to help me Johann Gauß: but youre %%%%ingg me Johann Gauß: no? Johann Gauß: just dont ban it? Johann Gauß: why the %%%%k do you ban darius if you are botlane? dNMP: just fk off Johann Gauß: is darius a botlane champ? Johann Gauß: no? feedlestix: :D\ dNMP: talk with idiot just decrease my life Johann Gauß: u dont have to play against it Johann Gauß: %%%%ingg idiott Johann Gauß: killurself fpzmffptm: Yo fpzmffptm: Stop Johann Gauß: u worthelss basstard fpzmffptm: Man fpzmffptm: Wtf Johann Gauß: gonn hard feed Johann Gauß: gl
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