Honestly, I dont even want to play Ranked anymore

_I have a limited chat restriction. Because seemly i was Flaming/Toxic._ But since when is Criticizing Flaming/Toxic?? Telling my jungler why he has 8% Playrate on jungling is flaming? And that they have a huge benifit because of that? Telling my jungler to invade Shaco's red because Shaco took his red, But instead going gank mid on lvl 4 while we are lvl 6. But seemly everyone agreed to report me and forgot the fact we got a non jungle main. Because people cant see the differnce between Criticizing and Flaming/Toxic, Even Riot system. So far i am playing ranked i only get people with like 0 experience on Champs/Lane. I think people really underistemate the problem with maining champions. Like, If u have 12 k mastery points on a champ as example, And u face against someone who has like 120 k on a champ, Then u are in a bad spot, Thats just bad luck, But if u play a lane you cant even play, Why even play that lane, Instead of saying in chat for switch. People really should play some more champs somewhat more before playing ranked. Silver elo is trash, Report system is trash. P.S. My first ever strike in 3 years of playing league. Can u imagine how Fcked up this season is. And for god sake Riot, Just make a system that you cant play a champ before you got it lvl 4. **Chat Logs** https://imgur.com/00ItXYw https://imgur.com/AspfDJ1 https://imgur.com/NW8siU8 https://imgur.com/PbGnGXd _Meanwhile this GUY still isn't banned smh:_ https://imgur.com/Rb44ZwE https://imgur.com/Ipl2jNX https://imgur.com/EDYBxy1
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