How do people keep their cool?

RANNNNT How do people keep their cool for things are common sense yet people don't think. E.G - Caitlyn running into a team of 4 people to last hit a rengar - Didn't get the kill Trundle diving into a team of 5, then complaining that we didn't get dragon - It didn't spawn. Bot lane engaging over and over again, after they have died and expecting a different outcome when they should be playing defensive and waiting for me to gank, then the support goes top lane? ??? And then they flame/AFK/troll and completely blame others - As a main Jungler its extremely frustrating how you get blamed to a point where you don't even want to play anymore - I managed to gank multiple lanes, give them kills, but as soon as they start dying, they blame me because they can't ward or look at the map at all. Life as a silver player - Probably getting demoted.
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