Reports Mean Absolutely Nothing - Change My Mind

Well, this is a small rant but I had to express my emotions. I've recently (about 2 weeks ago) reported a player via the in-game reporting system but knowing that it wasn't going to trigger as the person was avoiding detection by mistyping; I also opened a ticket at the riot support page. The person was wishing death to other players and their families, using racial slurs and other profanities, calling people trash etc., but always mistyping it purposely. I've attached a screenshot to the report I've made hoping to see that this guy gets what he deserves. Well, turns out, the person is still playing, alive and well. I've checked his account 2-3 times in the past 2 weeks so I'm 100% sure that he did not get banned. Meanwhile Riot is banning people for trying off-meta stuff. I'm seriously disappointed with the outcome of my ticket. This is just a small part of the post game chat, just to show you what I mean by ''mistyping''
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