suspended for "trolling" in bronze :D :D :D

Hi, I have a friend, that i met when i started to play this game about 3-4 years ago, sadly he didn't improve much, he plays A LOT, he has almost 2 million on illaoi for example, and lots of KK on other champs, his builds are .... not optimal, his gameplay is... :D rubbish, but he really is not a troll, that's why he's still bronze after all this years, only time when he gets silver is when i duo with him, and afer 1-2 weeks at most, he's back in bronze, becasue... that's just his level. Few days ago, he wrote me on skype, telling me that his acc got suspended for "trolling 4 out of last 20 games"... :D and i find it so unusual to suspend accounts for trolling in in bronze, I can guarantee he was not trolling, he';s not a kid.. he's almost 50 or so :D he's just that bad at the game, and it's not like he was running down mid or stuff like that, he is so bad at this game that obvious things he should do, are not so obvious to him, and I can bet he gets reported a lot, and his builds and gameplay may look like a troll, but as I said.. that's why he's bronze, so I don't understand why would riot ban bronze accounts for trolling, mostly everyone in bronze is trolling with wrong runes, wrong summoners spells, suboptimal builds, questionable plays... it's just bronze, don't think riot should ban ppl for trolling in bronze :D unless they are 0/40/0 and they have replay with running down mid, or stuff like that. I mean, this is his acc .. :D as far as i see.. he's last game before suspension, was prolly against a smurf draven that %%%ed him up, but overall he dosen't have that tragic scores for a pure bronze player, and he's like level 320+... it's not like he made a new acc just to troll in low elo, he is just that bad, kinda sad for him.. that's why i made this post, maybe someone from riot can read it.
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