how riot system works... This picture light exactly how Stupid Riot banning system is , who does 0 16 in a ranked game ... ,3/11 , 2/15 , i been playing against him 4 days ago ,in the game he finished 2/15 , he haven't got banned even if he got reported for grief /troll and i am sure his team mates reported him too , i mean who the hell can ignore him and say oh he is normal player... , i seen him pushing bot lane while his base was falling , pushing plays over plays dying , telling into chat something around trolling , i not even remember exactly what he sayd ,but my conclusion was that he troll/grief , where is Riot to tell me now what i should do ?? , he played and in the last 6 hours... , well guess you love it into game, i am ip banned on support assistance , i can't even connect to support services to manually report his behaviour , and the itself ban on support assistance is an abuse against my rights as user , i can no longer report someone who is disruptive and your system dosn't find , beyond this guy there are a few more guys who troll/grief and haven't got banned after my reports , so if you don't do your job , and i can't do reports manually what have to be done Riot , you clearly love this behaviour inside games, no problem ... , i don't care anymore , i hope they troll/grief as much as they want , since you give them the freedom to do that . Hope they will troll/grief 140 years , until flamers will got unbanned permanent , as long as this obvious troll behaviour gets ignored.

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