Please. Please. Please. I don't want to play with 4 man premades in Silver

I get that League is a game for teams. I like that. But, what I just can't stand is when you are with a 4 man premade. They **are the team** . Whatever you say is ignored, and they'll only talk to you if you fuck up somehow, even when it's not your fault. I just lost a really nice game. Nice is a lie evidently. I was Lux against Malzahar mid. At level **One** I managed to outplay Malzahar, blow his flash and half shot him. I warned our Lee Sin jungle who promptly ganked. Just kidding, he said nothing, and even though he was farming a scuttle crab he decided not to gank. At our level 3 I manage to put Malzahar with under 100 HP, while still not having flash nor ignite. He STAYS in lane, but lee (despite me warning) does not show up. At level 6, after Malzahar begins backing I notice that the enemy toplaner, poppy is really low. I ping that I'm coming top, and our top laner recalls. Meanwhile Shyvana and poppy are quite fed. I begin wondering whether I'm gonna manage to pull this off. Malzahar gets to a point where he can push without losing mana and I'll be in trouble if I don't have blue. Luckily it's about to spawn. Aaaaaand lee smites it so I don't get it. Great. Nice. I try to roam aaaand a shyvana with 4 kills and sated devourer 2 shots me out of a bush that I specificly asked if was warded (but ignored). And then they ust started trying to fight 2v3 all the time, even though the shyvana could easily 1v5 us. But whatever, Dynamic Queue is fair for everyone. Like Russian Roulette!
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