Am I the a**hole?

Okay, rather simple problem. So i jump in a Nexus Blitz Lobby, show i want to pick Soraka. We ban, no messages in chat, all lock in, load screen, start match, buy items, run to lane. And so it begins. "SS pings" start flooding in from the 2 others on botlane. "premade" me: "..." "we are premade" "so?" "go mid" "I. am. SORAKA." "so? go mid" all my keystones, items i bought; everything everywhere was set to SUPPORT. MAYBE if i had prior warning i could have done it with different runes. Most likely i'd have picked another champ because i can not solo soraka for the life of me. Let alone on Nexus freaking Blitz. X.X SO I just muted them both and informed them they were in for some tough luck. I am NOT going mid to feed because you didn't think to mention premade in chat before we all got to lane. So then they *both* go mid. I follow. They both go back. So do i. aaaaaaaaaaaand so began one hell of a game of chicken. All the freaking while i'm healing them more then the rest because for some freaking reason they lose the most hp of our team. I'm not saying they're bad... but... yeah. :) They spent the entire game doing petty little things to try and f*ck me over, leave me to die *after* i *FLASH* in to save one of their behinds. Leave me to die in fights and just go recall while we could easily win. The entire game was filled with petty revenge moves by them, while i spent the entire game healing everyone. Oh. The two other people on the team Honored me, so that's always proof I did good? :D I'm pretty confident i was 100% in my right. But someone pointed out i might have been out of line.. soo... yeah. Not sure. AITA? (am i the a**hole?) ps: Hey Riot, enjoy the 2 reports i sent your way. Can't wait to get a notification when i log back in~
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