Toxic Players vs Leavers/Trolls/Feeders and randall's.

Hey, I've been playing league for about 5 years now and I really see a huge change community and gameplay wise, and I'm really not enjoying it all. I find the game really unplayable and I find Riot extremely stupid for constantly removing the old tribunal of ranked/chat restrictions and replacing it with this no sense stuff. Why am I making this topic?: My games are currently being ruined constanty, alot more than it use to be atleast and there is no fix to this at all. Also alot of peopl are more bussy playing for randall from recess and constatly typing "report, report" than playing the game and I find this highly anyonning. (This will be mostly Low Elo experience and only ranked due this simpely not having a major impact in normals and barely anybody cares) Toxic: You can mute the toxic player and you're basically done with him and you can move on, there is a very advanced ping system where you're capable to communicate with just perfectly fine. Feeders: Understandable that people might just have a bad game, but i'm playing around gold elo and have been playing silver start of this season and I can tell you that people start feeding on purpose the moment they go negative and get any comment or any advice thrown at him instantly or are to ignorant to follow it up and continue to play his losing gameplay even with advice. -Also GG game lost 20+ mins ruined / 0 Punishment given. Leavers: What can I say, game is most likely lost and you'll might have a tilting team that gets mad at eachother due this person leaving -Also GG game lost 20+ mins ruined / Priority que such wow much punish. Trolls: Not a major problem unless it ruins the game comp wise and you'll leave for example your ADC all alone and he won't have a fun game just because you wanted to play gangplank support for some reason... Not a straight major offense but can be quite anyonning for your team who's going to suffer even though you might play good. -Also 0 Punishment. Can a Riot employee explain this to me please, because I have seen 0 improvement in any of the other cases besides toxicity even though its a extremely easy thing to avoid and ignore. I honestly find it easier to ignore a toxic player than getting involved in it.
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