My apologies to everyone

Here I am, writing on the boards once more because I tend to make myself a better person to the community. I was a toxic player, I won't lie about this cause there is no reason for that. Am I reformed? Yes, I am. I help people as much as I can and don't respond to flame anymore on what I used to do. The reason why I type this is because I disgust myself after the game when I know I should not have responded with passive-aggresive typing, eventhough someone else started it. I am sick of myself flaming, which I gladly never did since a long time. The reason for this thread? I'm sorry! I am legitemately sorry for everyone I ever flamed and even people in my friends list who saw me do it. Everyone is different but we should threath eachother with respect. I am glad I reformed, but I still feel the urge to flame and be salty, I don't want to do it and luckily I don't do it anymore. But still, having the urge already is frustrating.. Allies, friends, enemies, I'm sorry for being toxic in the past, I hope you'll forgive me! **Also EDIT** :D I got my blue badge!
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