14 Day-Ban

Game 1 In-Game I SwearSheWasnt8: hope you get aids from getting 2 much d in your %%%. aatrox %%%%in %%% I SwearSheWasnt8: well i am I SwearSheWasnt8: thats a theory tho I SwearSheWasnt8: i already have I SwearSheWasnt8: true I SwearSheWasnt8: dat miss klick I SwearSheWasnt8: gg ez game we killed that %%% ashe I SwearSheWasnt8: no its just %%% just sayin the "gg ez" thing.... we lost the game, the one at the start was a reference to the in-game name of an enemy and i wrote it in like the first 2 mins of the game it wasnt aggresive or flame just a joke because of his name and nobody in their team took it serious we just joked about it for a while but i see that riot doesnt care about the context or if anyone actually was offended just say smth they dont like and banned. the rest isnt the least bit agressive but i got banned for 2 weeks dont get it. i play league since 2013 and didnt get a any kind of punishment for about 3 years now because i changed to not take the game 2 serious.why do i get banned instantly not even a chat-restriction just banned. was plat 5 and honor lvl 5 but nope no season rewards for me here .and yes its just "Game 1" there is nothing from other games they claimed to be offensive just this one. it was a one time thing and they dont care about it. i already messaged the support but they called my in-game behaviour:(following was copied out of the ticked) You were extremely negative and the suspension will not be removed or modified under any circumstance, and this were the tips i got from them : Focus and concentrate on your own gameplay and teamwork. You can’t control others, but you can control yourself. Don’t fight fire with fire. Mute players who are creating a negative environment and report them at the end of the match. That way they’re the ones worrying about a ban, not you. Sometimes things can get heated. Don’t be afraid to take a break between games to reflect on what went wrong and what went right. Clear your head before hopping back into the next battle! i dont see that anything i wrote in game was fighting "fire with fire" or "heated" or flame(about the first tip) here i see that they dont give a damn about their community and its making me feel regret for every singe € i paid into league
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