Flaming because of 3v3 rank?

Maybe some of us like playing 3v3 more because it's more intense than the 5v5 map. So what if i got plat rank on 3v3? Why do i need to get flamed every time when i play 5v5 normals? "Rofl 3v3 ranked" "Lol plat on 3v3 = bronze in 5v5" "You're plat on 3v3, need i say more?" 100% of those who whine about people playing 3v3 will get hardstuck on bronze in 3v3 if they tried.. I for one am sick of the old 5v5 map. I like to play 3v3 cause it's something riot made themselves. The old 5v5 is just a rip of the dota map. I played dota enough before league so i'd rather play a new map instead. Why do people whine about 3v3 rank? Are they that jealous or what?
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