Thank you RIOT

It's been four years that i'm playing league of legends, and in all those years i always asked myself "why am i still playing this game", but this evening my question was finally answered. My last game i played Darius and i played really bad for the first 10 minutes or so, i was on top aganist Lee Sin. After my third death, 3 members of my team started with a huge flame on me, one of them said "People like you should be killed by isis", i'm not new with this kind of insults, i saw people saying worst things. The thing is that through all those flaming phrases i saw my fourth teammate, he was defending me even if i was playing bad, i know that this is a stupid thing, but that guy helped me in the best way, i focused on the game and i finally won the game carring it out with about 20 kills and a low amount of deaths, doing 2 things in the meantime: i dont know how but i made that flaming chat a funny and helpful chat for the team and for the first time i was getting fun on a ranked game. I always saw ranked games chat a way to get frustrated by teammates that only know flaming words, but this evening i completely changed my thinkings on it, so i wrote this entire episode to tell 2 things that i think everyone should do when playing lol and other competitive games: The first one is keep it cool with the chat, it could help your teammates to focus instead of reading useless flame things which everyone hates! The second thing is that i found that using the fuction "mute player" doesn't help, if you die you get frustrated because you think "probably my team is flaming me" when maybe your team is trying to help you! I have a really big confidence with LoL community, today i found one nice player, maybe tomorrow i'll find two or a full team, who knows it, i must say Thank you to Riot, for giving me this amazing player who made my day. This is my first post, so do not kill me if i failed with my highschool english. Thank you
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