Do you forgive someone who flamed you during a game if they apology to you afterwards?

Usually I don't flame. But it happens if I get super pissed off. I might say something like 'you are really bad...' 'you're trolling?' Sometimes I know I have been just really unfair to that person. Because they have not been saying anything at all. Or if they tell me 'i've been having a bad day today' / 'I know im not doing well this game'. It instantly makes me feel bad for saying that rude thing. I tend to stop saying stuff right away in those cases. But really... I'm not too keen to apologize as I should... Sometimes if I feel bad enough, I decide to add the person after the game to say sorry. But most of the time they fuckin never accept the friend request. -.- So how do you guys deal with stuff like this? Also, would you forgive a flamer if they tell you sorry?
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