Another "just a bad game"

What are the magical words for yasuo mid who feeds enemy Annie? 1/7 as fking yasuo? Can you guys help me punish this Yasuo player? Feeds lane heavy, grieves about it, wants to surr every 3 minutes, ints further if not. Later edit: QUICK BRAINSTORMING SESSION: Look at my score, look at Nasus's score, LOOK AT EVERYBODY ELSE'S SCORE IN MY TEAM! TLDR: I rekt another Nasus in top lane, yeah that death is from me obviously and then mid, jungle and bot comes to fk me under tower 3 times :) How to win these games? How to get this shithead Yasuo banned permanently from league? Please don't even try to say "it was a bad game", since this is what happens to all midlane yasuo's in this elo. I am pretty sure he gets away with it, as usual, right? But flamers do get punished. Most outraging thing is Nasus actually wrote "ez" at the end of the game :)
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