Community what do you think about my Perma Ban?

-Hello, in the beginning I will tell you that If you tell me like something you deserve it or something like that well I don't care because 90% of this forum is very arrogant and just want's to screw someone. So I had some money and spent about 100e on LoL (About the time when NightBringer) came out somehing like that.I was doing very well with Yasuo and Orianna (sometimes Lee in jungle but sometimes if I was filled jungle) sometimes even ADC-s because I main MID/ADC.Then I got 14 days ban because one game I was very angry at my team because they were very useless but really I was feeling like I played alone because they did 0 communications. I was pinging that I'm roaming/ganking but they did nothing.No matter how hard I tried I was dissapointed.I agree I was toxic that game and I can't regret that. And I learnt that I can't shut fire with more fire. -Ok 14 days passed (That was my 1st ban no chat restrictions etc.). -I came back tried to climb and I was successfull because I was playing duos with my friend and we were doing very well. Then one game I got premade botlane and jungle. Twitch was so toxic and he was not banned alerady even tho I'm not asking for his ban just giving some facts.Ok I had jungle Xin Zhao.I didn't ask him to gank my lane which he ganked without pinging and he died and fed Lux which was getting camped by Elise and it screwed my early game.I was playing Yasuo that game... I know what will you tell but trust me I'm not like others I have different playstyle. My Xin was so bad at jungle and he did 0 team communication he did his jungle part very badly as I did my early laning phase. -In the last game (I was just talking about) I said: "stfu" to Twitch because he was really negative to our toplane(Not my premade) and I said report Xin Zhao because we were basically 4 vs 5. What do you think? Dont talk to me about muting other players because sometimes but sometimes they can you give you important info.
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