I don't understand why I'm getting banned , clearly i don't deserved it, can someone explanation we

Here are my chat logs this is a mockery and ignorant style of punishment.I think i didn't deserve this duration of ban and like to discuss this action. Can i get a admin to resolve this issue or just to clarify mine complexes of this subject. Game 1 In-Game Nioudadosku: let the Nioudadosku: them Nioudadosku: will you stiop feeedinf Nioudadosku: u cant top dieing like a rat Nioudadosku: so have fun withou 0 ganks Nioudadosku: go afk pls Nioudadosku: pleas e better Nioudadosku: no ur still mdlane Nioudadosku: pleae dont he will one shoot you Nioudadosku: ur dumb af Nioudadosku: and died to lee sin Nioudadosku: 4 times in a row Nioudadosku: while puhing Nioudadosku: fetard Nioudadosku: 2/5 Nioudadosku: you just dont deserve to speak since u died to veigar in lane Nioudadosku: hahahahahaha Nioudadosku: l2p fetard Nioudadosku: yeah Nioudadosku: surr Nioudadosku: muted Nioudadosku: nice fed whoew Nioudadosku: nice feed on veigar whore Nioudadosku: atsp boots Nioudadosku: i see u have aids Nioudadosku: all u did thi game is buy ap items Nioudadosku: 0 vision Nioudadosku: 100%& %%%%%%ž Nioudadosku: u cant even provide lucian vision Nioudadosku: cause ur %%%%ing fetrad Game 2 Pre-Game Nioudadosku: mid pick full range Nioudadosku: like malz Nioudadosku: or heimer Nioudadosku: xerath is bad Nioudadosku: we have varu wc In-Game Nioudadosku: ward red pl riven Nioudadosku: ty Nioudadosku: blitz why Nioudadosku: 10saecs Nioudadosku: mb Nioudadosku: how can u lose to akali Nioudadosku: just saying Nioudadosku: ur bad af Nioudadosku: and go afk better Nioudadosku: i mwont gank top again Nioudadosku: reproted enjo yban Nioudadosku: died to aklai lvl 2 haahhaHAHAHAHA Nioudadosku: W8 1SECS Nioudadosku: WPWPW Nioudadosku: ur idiot azir Nioudadosku: dstuf Nioudadosku: stfuasstuf Nioudadosku: didnt ping you Nioudadosku: u german incel Nioudadosku: omfg Nioudadosku: ur o %%%%%%ed Nioudadosku: u cant do combo Nioudadosku: to oneshot gim Nioudadosku: pls go afk as riven Nioudadosku: what a tragedy sololaners Nioudadosku: reprot blit and jing ok Nioudadosku: 2/5 Nioudadosku: riven sol to akalilv l2 Nioudadosku: c Nioudadosku: 2/5 Nioudadosku: diont even talk or amke palys Nioudadosku: us a busta Nioudadosku: pls 9x that retrdad Nioudadosku: 2/7 Nioudadosku: incmomin Nioudadosku: g adk Nioudadosku: url lv 9 Nioudadosku: idiot Nioudadosku: look at you Nioudadosku: look at Nioudadosku: PLEASE REPOR Nioudadosku: OLO LANERS Nioudadosku: see he feed him to much Nioudadosku: and akali Nioudadosku: well it better to go 1/6 since u died to akali lvl 2 Nioudadosku: and than blame mne for wh yshe is ahead in xp andps Nioudadosku: nice focus Nioudadosku: yassuo is behind you Nioudadosku: i cant believe that there exist a world where riven looses to akali solo Nioudadosku: please 9x this riven Nioudadosku: wors euw player Nioudadosku: see wha im saying Nioudadosku: u cannot play riven like that Nioudadosku: literally jinx kites u to eternity cuz ur a bad Nioudadosku: and lost 1v1 v akali Nioudadosku: pleas unsitall and go outside peasant Nioudadosku: BAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Nioudadosku: BAH JUST relizes Nioudadosku: tha tu have dark harvest Nioudadosku: like dont even turn on any eletronics in that case Nioudadosku: isolate urself from power Nioudadosku: please get me out Nioudadosku: 1v1 lost to akali Nioudadosku: how the what the Nioudadosku: u just are an example of an 100% unskilled toplaner Post-Game Nioudadosku: that is just hard inting and plaing to loe Nioudadosku: lose Nioudadosku: witht that mentality Nioudadosku: got layed out by akali Nioudadosku: later jinx Nioudadosku: BAHHHHHHHHHHHHH Nioudadosku: yikerSSSSSS Game 3 In-Game Nioudadosku: okay Nioudadosku: s%%%%%% Nioudadosku: seee Nioudadosku: betere to die tha to palyu uthi tard Nioudadosku: ff 15 Nioudadosku: this boit kayle diff Nioudadosku: picked kayle Nioudadosku: just ff Nioudadosku: 31 to 70 Nioudadosku: im not interested Nioudadosku: in playing thias game iwtout tanks Nioudadosku: le them die člike rats Nioudadosku: haaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh Nioudadosku: loook Nioudadosku: at bot Nioudadosku: dum%%%%ss Nioudadosku: literally ona is playing wiht spells ez is only uising righclick Nioudadosku: better for u to fe Nioudadosku: yeah shouldev muted ur peasant wlak in forest u gipsy
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