I was instant 14 days banned because saying the word "fa****", someone said it and he wasnt banned

Hello all. Two months ago I was instant 14 days ban because saying that homophobic word in a game. I triggered the system and got the direct ban without having any suspension before that and having honor level 4. I'm not a toxic player at all, just had bad mood that day and someone was doing intentional afking and feeding, I flamed him, not that hard, but the word I said was my sentence, as Riot support told me in the ticket. I actually were flaming a bit more of the usual in those times, but Riot Support told me that, the word is what got me banned. Not trying to justify the ban, though, I take it and I consider it well deserved. The other day I was called a "fa****". My team and I reported that guy and got an instant feedback. But a few days later I checked his profile and he's still playing. I won't link his op.gg or any screenshot cause witch hunt is not good. I actually don't care about that player. I just want to debate how is possible some people get hard bans at first attempt and others don't. Thanks for reading and have a good day.
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