The source of all your misery while playing League

When you choose to play league and rank up, do you actually believe that you will have a 50% chance of having a good team as having a bad team? Well if you are a good player, then I'm sure you have gotten some nasty surprises of just having non stop bad teams. The end result is snowballing misery, angry players and more tilted players and the most toxic community that you find in any game. So here are some underlying mechanisms that are a source to much of the toxicity: Well Riot probably have highly educated programmers to create matchmaking. Obviously matchmaking is much more sophisticated than just picking random players with the same mmr. So what is Riots goal then? How do they want matchmaking to occur? Riots goal as developers are not the same as yours. So I believe that Riots goal is to make those players who play the most, or smurfs reach the higher ranks. The rest will have a much more difficult time to rank up until they have a sufficient volume of games. From my experience you should be two leagues higher to rank up fast from one league to another. If you are just one league higher it can take thousands of games due to matchmaking which wants to maintain a winrate and a distribution of how many should be higher or lower rank. This ensures that those who reach higher rank truly has experience and practice. It also keeps those who have invested their time to keep trying to reach their goal. If people play more before they reach their rank, then they also well, play more and buy more. This is really sad and deceptive because players put a lot of effort and soul into each single game when in reality the mechanism of sophisticated matchmaking has the goal of maintaining your winrate at around 50% (not counting the excess wins in lower elos) until you have played a volume of games which takes months of nolifing to play. Did anyone else notice that the better you play the worse teams you get? Or if you lose a few matches your mmr gets worse and your teams get worse? So if you believe that you are a good player, and want to reach your true league fast, then you may feel tricked because matchmaking will be a force in itself that tries to balance out your winrate. Only if you are two leagues ahead, or in sufficiently low elos, can you overcome the matchmaking mechanisms as explained above. Here are some observations I've made over the years that supports and have been a motivation for what ive written above. When I reach promos, my team always feeds and is 10x harder to win with than before promo. I can have never ending loops such as lately where at plat 5 I win easy, but when I reach plat 4, I get feeders and inevitably demote after a few games. When this happens for thousands of games in many seasons it is no longer a coincidence, there is a matchmaking system which classifies where it wants me to be. Also the harder I win my lane the more other lanes feed... If I have some bad games and get bad MMR the system gives me more bad teams, which results in tilt and snowballing with more bad teams. TL;DR You are angry and get bad teams because Riot wants to keep you as a customer. I like this game but the matchmaking makes me feel like it is a waste of life. I think we should demand from riot that matchmaking is more random since noone really wants to invest thousands of hours to try to reach a goal, when the outcome which is little progress is already predefined by sophisticated matchmaking.
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