£300 Account PERMAbanned for ridiculous chatlog.

Ridiculous, I will now do my 100 game Nunu int test on smurf and check if riot ban me. Waste of money on this trash game, cant even use text chat without being silenced by Orwellian 1984 chat filters what a disgusting repugnant snowflake company. Game 1 In-Game SEKUMO: ff15 SEKUMO: wtf was SEKUMO: that play SEKUMO: ? SEKUMO: lmfao SEKUMO: 0/4 SEKUMO: press e SEKUMO: im a talon main SEKUMO: and ur trash SEKUMO: go next SEKUMO: dont waste time SEKUMO: autist SEKUMO: you and nidalee scale vs fed draven and kayle ? SEKUMO: lol SEKUMO: are you braindead by any chance SEKUMO: ok i afk now SEKUMO: you cant one shot anyone lol SEKUMO: youve accumulated 3 one shots so far SEKUMO: in 20 minutes SEKUMO: who can heal SEKUMO: ? SEKUMO: talon the games unwinable SEKUMO: ur so stupid its unreal SEKUMO: play quickplay iof u want to waste peoples time SEKUMO: zed ult popped you SEKUMO: are you blind SEKUMO: do u have a job irl talon SEKUMO: or are you 14 years old SEKUMO: honest question SEKUMO: because i dont want to spend all night palying with a donut who thinks we can win SEKUMO: i thought so SEKUMO: i dont have time to play all night losing games SEKUMO: i have a job SEKUMO: so go ff SEKUMO: ok SEKUMO: he voted no lol SEKUMO: no SEKUMO: LOL SEKUMO: nice man SEKUMO: 0/7 support lol SEKUMO: haha SEKUMO: how can i carry vs a fed team ? SEKUMO: ur wasting every1s time lol SEKUMO: you dont understand your own win condition SEKUMO: lol SEKUMO: theyre mad at me wen theyre feeders SEKUMO: ggwp

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