Just another day at LOL

How the feeling is in ranked Q: You come home from work. or school. And you think for your self "%%% it, lets play some league, i feel for it, yeah it would be fun". You turn on the cpu, and are ready to get in the league grind. You sit there and Q jungle for like 3 minuttes and u hear the sound- >Accept, "yes, you got your position". Banning starts.... Then you hear that irritating chat sound (you know when someone types in the chat and you hear that sound, not that its annoying, but it is ver y rare there is something nice like hi, or gl team) Chat says : "Really Riot, sup again, im main mid, can any1 change, i have no sups" And there you get your first drip of "stress" You just hold your breath and hope that player comes to his/her senses and takes a normal sup, and that no one in the team sys anything to irritate that player like "stfu, and pick a sup", or something other offensive shit. Player picks sup (veigar, not that its a bad sup if you can play), you think "ahhh thank god we didnt have any fight".... Well loading screen on -> game starts... Your full of hope, and yes..team comp is fine, and players seem to have picked normal start items.... You are ready at blue, and wow bot actually comes to help without you pinging and begging for someone to help you..."Nice" 4 minuttes in game ----> First blood, and no..its not the kind of first blood you look forward for, its the kind of first blood that give you a drop of the second drop of stress. Well you carry on determined to help your lanes...top start pinging "help" at 5 minuttes...and its not that ping that says "hey m8, can you help me a bit, i would appreciate it"..its more like "Your %%%%ing jungle, help me enemy is pushing my lane i cant farm", player isnt typing it, but you know the feeling about these players..You know the help ping, when it stops pinging, its not cause he/she stopped but he/she isnt issued to ping anymore...So, then that player start typing in chat..."GANK, HE IS PUSHING"..i watch on the clock, i watch on my lvl, i watch my teammates lvl, and which champ he is matched up against, we dont have a chance atm...But that top dont give up pinging.. You either try to ignore it or you say something like, give me 2 min... at min 6 you hear "An ally has been slained", and in that millisec you hope its not that tard at top, but guess what, it is..and not that he died 1v1, but enemy jungler ganked..Now you know a shit storm is coming from that top teammate..indeed it does... But your determent to win this game..and you ignore that even mute maybe and keep on going... You get a good gank mid at 7 min, and "ahhhh nice 1-2"...this should calm things down a bit.. At 8 min mark satisfied with your gank, doing red, suddenly you hear "An ally has been slain"..."Ah shit"...after 3 secs..."Double kill"...." Oh %%%"....and again after 3 secs..."Tripple kill"..Enemy Vayne/Draven fed with 3 kills... Your brain is going ..."Can i pick up a kill or 2 bot, should i go, should i wait"... U hear..."An ally has been slain" That top is 0-2. Your team is 1-6, and it isnt even 9 minuttes... World War 3 starts in chat---> "Top is blaming me since i have been a %%%%%% shit, 0, i should go %%%" Bot adc is going "why the f you pick veigar, you stupid f" Bot sup is going "You are %%%%%%, i told you i havent got any sups, i am main mid" Offcourse mid also wants to join this VIP party so his/her comment "Pls report my noob %%% team, thx" And there we have it....most of the games in lower leagues.....
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