how many games i must lose for caitand pf cait ? please read this ;) only takes 2 mins of your time

Hello My Friends before i start the discussion we all love Pulse Fire cait skin and we know that this skin is amazing . now my story : well yesterday i decide to play cpl rank games on my main acc which is gold lll atm as always i selected mid and top and i reached the lobby then i saw our adc insta mark cait and keep saying dont ban cait i tot ( well maybe he is really good at cait who knows ) then i decide to check his OP.GG history and it was fun to see he is a draven main and never played with cait in normal or ranked , so i told myself maybe he is smurfing after a few mins we reach the loading screen and i saw he got pf cait and enemy bot lane was : nasus adc , velkoz support and our bot lane was morgana + cait . cait give them fb , then start flaming then he ended up 1/18 in 20 mins . i told him bruh why u picked cait when u are a draven main and never played with cait ? he said : stfu cow , i got the money u can kiss my @ss i got the moneyyyyyyyyyyy then i find out that he just buy cait and her pf skin and testing her in rank which is amazing and i lose 20 lp for that ;) i told my self well meh nvm lets go for the next and win this ! and guess what our support pick cait i told him dude why u just picked cait for our support and he said : idk man i just wanna test my new skin and this %%%%%% dont wanna swap roles and normal games is boring af so enemy xayah crushed our troll bot lane and we lose xayah was 15/3 and her supp was lulu and yeap i lose another 20 lp i decide to take a break and come back later so i take a shower drink a cup of tea and came back and this time our jg picked cait deal 10k dmg during the 47min game ended up with 3/14 then in the lobby said this pf skin sucks then left and i lose another fking 20 lp over all 60 lp for troll picks and some 10y/o kids who trying to show their new stuff . i buy this skin too , but i pref to enjoy it in norm games even i have 350k with cait so my question is i lost 60 lp for this troll picks i report them all and they still playing feels good to see only flame and toxic is punishable in this game ;) please dont try new stuff in rank game go show ur fking new things in norm if u never played with that champion and some ppls telling me that game is dying , no dude this game is dying for such kids like this and ppls who want to be an @sshole all the time and waste your time like they never give a shlt .
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