Help With Bad Mentality?

Usually when i play league of legends i mainly play normal games. I don't really play ranked since it is too stressful for me. I only play ranked to reach gold so I can get the end of season rewards. However i have been noticing all the time when i play normal games i have a very very bad mentality. I would not consider myself toxic, however I feel like this very mentality could get me banned at some point. Whenever i die ingame i rarely realize that I messed up. I always tend to blame it on broken champions even though it is clearly my fault. As i said, i do not consider myself toxic. I never blame my team for anything. Whenever i see someone make a very big mistake, i dont even bother. However this mentality that I never make mistakes and all champions are broken is a bad mentality to have. I tilt from it, even when i play normal games. And as you may know, tilt can bring out the worst of you. Again, I am not toxic normally, however, there is an entirely different situation when im on tilt. So, since I want to avoid being banned, I was wondering if any of you had any form for tips / advice to help get a better mentality? My friends who i play with on a daily basis has commented on this and they said i need to improve my mentality because I always complain about the simplest things and tilt waaaay too easily. So please help me out if you have advice. :)
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