Ban Worthy?

is the report system broken? I just got a 10 day restriction and they showed this chat text: 'Game 3 ifeedyoudog: im gonna get shit on ifeedyoudog: both shen and panth counter ifeedyoudog: im gonna play super passively ifeedyoudog: nice f ifeedyoudog: so predictable ifeedyoudog: easy ifeedyoudog: goddamnit ifeedyoudog: i dont usually have this ifeedyoudog: if shen ganks one more time ifeedyoudog: he loses his turret ifeedyoudog: u guys lost htis ifeedyoudog: 3 top ifeedyoudog: nice reaction ifeedyoudog: feed them ifeedyoudog: then dont come ifeedyoudog: ff 15 ifeedyoudog: and im the one playing again counters ifeedyoudog: with 2k ping ifeedyoudog: look at shen farm ifeedyoudog: that perma shield ifeedyoudog: report bot mid' I was referring to my ping during the entire game and not flaming anyone, while they were non-stop flaming me and feeding. I said 15 ff and it was a suggestion and definitely not griefing. Check the game score (image link: I was encouraging people to not blame me, and just defending that my score is good considering they countered me (without blaming) because I won lane against shen by farm and first turret (and not dying to him). The only thing I did was report call and that was in the last 10 seconds of the game. Compared to all the flamers out there this is like the smallest and it happens almost every losing game. You punishing me for this is incredible.
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