Cmon Riot. I need honor 2 please...

Why i got chat restrict? I was the one who got Karthus as adc and blue Kayn vs tanks, i didnt even flamed, there was one time i said "pick lucian like 10iq players" but i meant to say "pick 10iq adc like other players" and at game 2 when i said "%%%% zhonia" it was cuz i spammed zhonia while ulting with fiddle but it didnt work thats just it. Game 1 Pre-Game tudodark00: what supp do u want tudodark00: tyler1 wanna be In-Game tudodark00: tyler why? tudodark00: 1 auto tudodark00: for stun tudodark00: why u picked useless champ tudodark00: stop watching streams tudodark00: report karthus tudodark00: troll pick tudodark00: ap carry xD tudodark00: stop watching tyler kid tudodark00: o waw tudodark00: premades xd tudodark00: u died from leona alone tudodark00: ashe didnt even hit u tudodark00: loool tudodark00: xD tudodark00: cya kid tudodark00: going top tudodark00: ? tudodark00: he picks karthus as adc cuz hes a tyler1 fanboi tudodark00: and dies from 100 to 0 by you leona tudodark00: and blame me tudodark00: u saw last fight tudodark00: i was fighting ashe tudodark00: he started player karthus for some reason tudodark00: nope tudodark00: keep talking lose lane tudodark00: and blue kayn btw tudodark00: xD tudodark00: for what tell me tudodark00: i didnt flamed tudodark00: lol tudodark00: 1-4 ikr tudodark00: feed tudodark00: 0 asists tudodark00: as jg tudodark00: yup tudodark00: mlg tudodark00: use ult on a stunned target tudodark00: and still fight him even tho karthus ulted tudodark00: so bad tudodark00: xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD tudodark00: AHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA tudodark00: nice dmg tudodark00: ugh tudodark00: the kite is real tudodark00: this game was so easy tudodark00: i needed an adc tudodark00: thats all tudodark00: tyler please tudodark00: no is not tudodark00: pick lucian like any other 10iq player tudodark00: dies with ult tudodark00: gg wp, rep karthus for trollpick Game 2 In-Game tudodark00: this is how u pinged tudodark00: i want this tudodark00: stop ganking bot tudodark00: oh wait tudodark00: u didnt tudodark00: nmo tudodark00: u came and took the kill tudodark00: thats notgank tudodark00: i tought i have adc thats why tudodark00: CD tudodark00: WARDS HAVE CD tudodark00: if we only had a jg tudodark00: that could gank tudodark00: not like xin 6 times tudodark00: atleast 1 per 5 mins tudodark00: if i have ult sure tudodark00: ? tudodark00: i picked as intent supp tudodark00: will do tudodark00: start it tudodark00: 0 jg 0 drakes xD tudodark00: 2 asists tudodark00: when u spam the zhonia key tudodark00: jesusus tudodark00: %%%% tudodark00: this zhonia tudodark00: lee playz tudodark00: lets just pus top tudodark00: full ad lee tudodark00: u question supp score? xd tudodark00: report lee tudodark00: verbal and int
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