RIOT READ - Honest Opinion [Killin' the Game]

Hey there Before thinking this is just another " i hate this game but i play it " thread, give it a try and read. Long story short, this game is starting to become hated even by its own players, and there are some problems that are not being focused on and some improvements that are not being analyzed. I'll talk about GAMEPLAY, CHAMPIONS, PLAYER BEHAVIOUR/FORNITE and what I would focus on to change. Read the topics that interest you or all of them, this is not just my opinion but opinions that I have been reading or seeing on Youtube. In terms on GAMEPLAY: - Doesnt matter if you're ahead as {{champion:202}} ,{{champion:23}}, {{champion:238}} or {{champion:127}} , a full tank {{champion:54}} or{{champion:86}} will kill you because he is a tank, tanks are low risk high reward. - Supports: Heals and shields and shields and heals everywhere, it is getting annoying trying to kill a 1500hp ADC when he gets 840hp healed plus a 400 shield and to even get to him i already had to burn a flash or ult. - Jungle is not hard, anybody can jungle enough to carry in their elo, a few years back as a lvl2 jungler I would encounter the midlaner on the river and think " holy F, need to get the F out", nowadays I'll just kill him, camps are easy to kill, what matters are the ganks, doesnt matter the way you farm, how much you farm, the route anything, hell there are timers on the blue and red. In terms of CHAMPION DESIGN: - It feels that lately every champion needs to jump over walls, have invisibility, jump to the enemy and have all those crazy things to be successful at the point that I can watch really good players streaming like Trick2G, Foggedftw and Cowsep (bring the hate, they all good players), and they just can't win _sometimes_ because their champion can't keep up with the kit of newer champions in a teamfight like {{champion:498}} and{{champion:497}} together. In terms of PLAYER BEHAVIOUR: - We are not robots, aknowledge that Riot Games. - Theres something that makes players run away from League right now and jump into Fortnite, which is the environment and playstyle, the game is fast paced and toxic free, here in League we have some problems which is team-dependent and toxicity. In Fornite we play with teams but even if we play with teams and they die or play bad we can still win ALONE while here in League one guy can just say "Hey we gonna lose cause i want, im afk" and there is NOTHING we can do to win because it is so hard to win 4v5. Another thing in fortnite is that even if the odds are against us, the game will be done soon without toxicity while here, we know the game is done and we know it is a waste of time but we still have play it without will for 30 mins sometimes and people like streamers or youtubers do not really enjoy being in that situation for that much time. But on Fornite there is no punishment unlike here so how can they have no toxicity? Well basically, in Fornite if we are with a guy who doesn't really like us or something we don't want to piss him off because he can just leave the game and go another one while I stay and lose a teammate, while here in League the guy goes "Hey I'm 0-7 and you're stuck in here with me haha" and then he goes " Haha go afk nice ban ", which basically if you leave the game you're the one getting banned while he is OK or just a small punishment. I rather have a guy telling me to get diseases or to die but that really plays and tries to win anyway than a guy who just afks and ruins my game Riot, he can talk all he wants, I got a mute button remember? WHAT I WOULD FOCUS ON: - Instead of releasing one rework and like 2/3 new champions, release 5 reworks in a row. - Rethink on the toxicity standards, for example I lost a ranked because of an afk in my team, should I lose 20LP? Why can't I lose 10 on that match on none? - FOCUS ON YOUR PLAYER BASE AT HOME, NOT THE LCS, they are team based sure, they may like Kalista, Rakan, Xayah, Shen and all those, which is fine I personally like Shen but we here at home don't want that, we want to be able to win the damn game without depending on others, try to actually change the game, make it fast paced, make it more SOLO which is what SOLO RANKED QUEUE stands for. I rest my case, for all the people which I know that will maybe say I do not understand the game or something, whatever I've got Diamond already I played for years now, if you agree with me, I feel you bro but I actually want Riot to read this and reply. Cheers to all agreeing or not, just an opinion from a fellow player.
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