My account was hacked recently

So interesting account was hacked recently. I've changed my password on an old account that I had with project-ascension(a WOW private server) hence my account name and password were exactly the same as that of LOL. So I am almost 100% sure that they were somehow involved either a database leak or an outright malicious admins. Anyway, I try to login and my account was banned for "Using third-party software". I am guilty of many things but never that. So I look at my match history and turns out there are three matches I didn't play. So I contact riot, they investigate and viola they unban me. All the while I am thinking what an evil person. Why play only few matches just to get my account banned? I had it for about 2 years and spent lot of hours and collected few skins on it. As soon as I logged in the answer revealed itself. Turns out he/she didn't ban my account for no reason. I get a notification saying "username" has opened their gift. So I look at my gifting history and there they are. There was an account that received 4 hextech and key bundle from my account just before it got banned. You can't get 6 hextech and key bundles from playing 3 games(2 were still left in my inventory). On top of that I had way more orange essence than I remember having. This has led me to believe there is an exploit that allows you to somehow obtain hextech bundles and keys. The summoner who received the gift from my account was "YasuoXZedXLux". So I would appreciate a way to get back at him/her. if you're listening..Thanks for the acolyte lee sin and baker pantheon skins ***hole. This isn't over. You messed with the wrong guy.
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