Visible Honor

Hello, I think that the system of honor is a living joke when Riot says "It's automatically calculated and checkpoints are reached automatically". I have been playing for a long time and the progression is all but smooth. Is it too much asked to let us know how much honor and which type we got like in the old honor system ? I mean, like if we could know something like "You got 25 tilt-proof honor, 55 leadership honor and 33 friendly honor.". Then, what would be even better is if we could know how much honor is needed to reach the next step. Example : "You need 43 more honors before reaching the second checkpoint of honor 3." I know that it's calculated differently if the honor comes from premade players so it needs to be adjusted. But the idea is here. I am asking for more visibility, like missions where we can see how much we have completed the objective. How much do you agree with me, players from all around the world (... give me your energy ... - Goku's quote) ? Have a good day and thanks for reading. Chibi Shinigami

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