Oh ok riot!!!

So i am not the kind of person that whines about every little thing but this time im pissed off for real! This guy in a game (a ryze) startes calling me off saying im feeding and i tend to give 0 shits about trashtalk like that so i just ignore him. Some more minutes into the game, im doing even worse (just tilted or something) he calls it off again and then i reply with "who even plays ryze in the jungel" and he freaks out. from this point to meybe 20 minutes into the game was just him trashtalking how bad i am at league with one the members of the enemyteam" So now comes the part where he really pisses me off. He calls my mother a whore and he said that we were gay and that we shouldnt be alive, i then procceed to say "shut the fuck up you fucking flaming %%%%", now i kow it sounds like harsh but if you smack me over the face with that kind of harrasment, expect my slap to be ten times harder. The worst of all is that i got a chat restriction from that. Riot has really confirmed that they a money hungry shit company, i only enjoy the game, not the creators. BTW ubisoft support is way better than you riot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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