I feel my permanent suspension was unfair and the reasons given do not justify it.

Hello everyone, Personally I didn't want to write this post but player support advised me to do so as a way of getting the Dev team to look at my ban or an attempt to have it explained to me more clearly. My account was permanently suspended about 6 months ago I did issue tickets at the time explaining my thoughts back then and recently have done so again and now I'm here to do the same. My account has been around since halfway through season 3 I believe so 3-4 years old, within that time I'd never received a chat restriction or any form of punishment on my account what so ever and no other accounts I had at the time had either. So essentially i had a rough game as most do and i lost my head said some things that shouldn't be said I don't remember exactly what my first restriction chat logs were like but I'm fairly certain I probably said a few of the classic toxic key words "%%%" "%%%got" etc. Now I'm fully aware that i can't justify the things i said at all and that i should of just muted other players let the game run and moved on. But even though this was my first ever offence in 3+ years my suspension was pushed to 2 weeks now I didn't realise how the bans worked at the time and didn't know that was it after that it's permanent. So the thing I'm not happy with is why I was given only 1 warning before a permanent suspension where other players would get 3-4, now first time i contacted riot support they said It was because of the Homophobic nature of my chat so essentially because I used the word "%%%got" now i explained at the time that although I know It was a very common slur in the past growing up it was never used as that around me, to me it just mean't like weak or something along those lines, again I'm aware Its a slur and I shouldn't expect to be forgiven for this reason I'm just giving context to explain that I'm not Homophobic and i never meant it in that manner. To carry on why was my 1st ever suspension a final warning when i had no previous offences? I feel like a first offence is usually just a chat restriction is it not? why was my case handles so strictly compared to other players? Anyway after that ban like I said I didn't realise at the time it was a final warning so i just waited the time came back carried on without much thought just the idea in my head not to use "%%%got" or "%%%" again which i didn't so there's some change for what it's worth. The 2 games of chat logs for my permanent suspension start with pre-game in game 1 where i have said "You're funny" "Banning my champ to try to steal the role" So you can see there is already hostility in my team obviously chat logs don't show what was said to me which i think is a change riot need to implement but hey whatever i can assume he asked for the role and I didn't respond. So the key words that got me banned for game 1 were "Autist" and "%%%%%%ed" Obviously i can post these logs so I'll put them at the bottom. Game 2 again I used the words "Autistic" and "%%%%%%ed". Now before anyone tells me I'm just toxic blah blah blah. I'm fully aware my behaviour was out of line that's not the problem I have with my ban. The problem I have is with me being rushed to a permanent ban for 2 offences when there are many players who do far worse and get multiple warnings compared to my one warning. I have a lot of passion for this game otherwise i would of given up a long time ago and I do still play the game on a separate account which hasn't received a suspension or any warnings. All i want is an explanation as to why my account was permanently suspended far quicker than any other player's account. TL:DR Feel my account was suspended too quickly with only 1 previous warning, would like it looked at or explained more clearly as i feel the banning system is unclear. Game 1 Pre-Game AlreadyTilted: you're really funny AlreadyTilted: banning my champ to try and get the role In-Game AlreadyTilted: tell me you saw me cuck that ww AlreadyTilted: a AlreadyTilted: are you 2 blind AlreadyTilted: RIGHT FF AlreadyTilted: im done AlreadyTilted: getting flamed by an autist who banned my champ AlreadyTilted: gg wp report udyr thank you AlreadyTilted: baneed my champ and now flamed me AlreadyTilted: also inting because hes trash AlreadyTilted: udyr are you 12 or just sad? AlreadyTilted: are you really flaming after i pretty much camped for you AlreadyTilted: just %%%%ing ff AlreadyTilted: youre %%%%%%ed aswell AlreadyTilted: i gave you a free lane AlreadyTilted: killed ekko AlreadyTilted: over and over AlreadyTilted: and you flame AlreadyTilted: grow up AlreadyTilted: nah AlreadyTilted: im not playing aalreaady said AlreadyTilted: you wanna be %%%%%%ed then lets go AlreadyTilted: ekko apparently according to kat i didnt gank enough AlreadyTilted: ikr AlreadyTilted: funny stuff AlreadyTilted: she told us she didnt play kat so i tried to be nice AlreadyTilted: probably AlreadyTilted: udyr and kat are pre AlreadyTilted: so udyr fed and complained about ganks the classic AlreadyTilted: even though i came to his lane and dove jax Post-Game AlreadyTilted: kata and udyr reports pleaase :) AlreadyTilted: thank you Game 2 In-Game AlreadyTilted: like how im useless when you bait me into dying lul AlreadyTilted: i just spawned you autistic %%%%ing %%%%%% AlreadyTilted: how many life fam AlreadyTilted: get some life AlreadyTilted: double 0 is still 0 AlreadyTilted: woah an assassin killed an adc AlreadyTilted: what a surprise AlreadyTilted: i need a thornmail AlreadyTilted: its funny you pinging me because i stopped playing the second you started talking AlreadyTilted: veigar no wards AlreadyTilted: let kha get us AlreadyTilted: i didnt get kha AlreadyTilted: hello AlreadyTilted: your 2/4 AlreadyTilted: hello Thank you for your time. Any riot employees who can also access my tickets I'd urge to do so as I may have gave extra Information I'm now forgetting as it has been awhile. If any of this seems like I have something against Riot I want to clarify I don't as I said I still play the game but I am Irritated by my ban and the fact I've lost so much Time and Money in what I see as an Unfair manner.
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