25 game restriction for this

This was the ONLY game by the way, I had an off game but no way in hell is this game enough for a punishment.. Game 1 In-Game RegvM: ward red please RegvM: we tanky RegvM il buy ap item RegvM: and tank RegvM: they all ad RegvM: renek red RegvM: ward RegvM: jesus RegvM: waot RegvM: wait RegvM: trhere u go RegvM: i gank RegvM: u are too low RegvM: so WHY ARE YOU PINGING RegvM: ping for help but youre too low to do anything RegvM: wtf you want me to do RegvM: no ganks bot RegvM: youre on your own RegvM: sher stood there RegvM: she didnt evn go in RegvM: i pinged 50 times RegvM: first time leona RegvM: leona you are trolling RegvM: ff 15 RegvM: LOOK BOT RegvM: im BOT RegvM: no ganks for yuout hten RegvM: flaming me gets u 0 ganks RegvM: so have fun RegvM: just play RegvM: w/e RegvM: ff in 5 RegvM: give me 1 reason renek to help you RegvM: you flamed me all game RegvM: muted pings btw RegvM: quiinn top RegvM: ez RegvM: drake is up RegvM: in 50 RegvM: infernal RegvM: we need it RegvM: all bot RegvM: drake RegvM: yes full ad RegvM: GO DRAKE WHY IS NOBODY COMING RegvM: i ping and say RegvM: 100 times RegvM: and nobody comes RegvM: ULT RegvM: cxait RegvM: you should know toult RegvM: i shouldnt have to tell u RegvM: +DRAKE DMG RegvM: DRAKE DOES DMG RegvM: STOPTHEMDRAKE RegvM: jesu RegvM: first time cait? RegvM: plat* RegvM: why not ultffs RegvM: when im fighting RegvM: i dont understand RegvM: you farm RegvM: instead of ult RegvM: clearly RegvM: you didnt ulttwice now RegvM: why6 cos it donestr get u a kill RegvM: WP RegvM: gj cait RegvM: CAIT C OME RegvM: 1more RegvM: ? RegvM: whatis RegvM: i clearly am RegvM: or you would be higherrank RegvM: surely? RegvM: no you aint RegvM: cs is awful fordia RegvM: lost ewarlyhard RegvM: early hard RegvM: na RegvM: i sawyou RegvM: ward baron please RegvM: pusing lanes.. RegvM: top RegvM: ghotop RegvM: i need to b around for drake RegvM: we need this RegvM: cait caught RegvM: bcos i dont suicide RegvM: you die RegvM: and b lameme RegvM: child RegvM: why ur bronze RegvM: i said to come for drake RegvM: you really aint bronze RegvM: youre silver RegvM: if you neverf ed ezreal aerky RegvM: early RegvM: we would of won no other games contributed to my 25 RESTRICTION, iwas angry and a %%%%,everyone has off games if i did this behaviour all the time i would understand but i don't.
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