It's NOT Riot that banned you

Hey guys, as I see a lot of posts by banned people starting with "Really Riot", "OMG Riot", "Reconsider Riot", "Unfairly banned etc". This is a huge misconception and I urge you to check out the following video by Riot Lyte - it's best to watch the full video, but if you have limited time, starting at min. 14 would do: The key point you have to take from this - with the new system (as with the old), it's not Riot who is banning you, but the collective opinion of the community that was put into a system. Why I'm telling you this? So you can realize, that unless you don't accept that you are toxic and come here to get feedback and improve, it makes NO sense to post. The people here are the same community and, as expected, the majority of them will downvote you, consider you toxic, tell you that you deserved the ban and would definitely vote to punish you if it they were asked (old system). So technically, you are trying to get sympathy from the very people that indirectly banned you. Those people are nice, understanding and want to have fun. I've seen great pieces of advice, acceptance and forgiveness by the community for players that got punished, are sorry and seek improvement. So if you really want to continue playing and be part of the big family of LoL Players, you should learn to respect other people's feelings, game decisions and their right to not have to read your lectures, negativity, insults etc. For whatever reason you are angry - it's your problem, not ours. If you want to be nice - we are gonna help you, if you think you can keep being negative - we will ask you to leave.
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