Sh*t ranked system

So I mainly play lux mid and I am pretty good, I have 100k+ mastery and I dominate mid almost every game. I am silver 4 on the euw server in solo/duo, and I got into my promos after wining 4 games in a row. Then I lost the next one but it was a pretty good game, I had a pretty good team but the opponents were better. So we lost that one and I was 1 for 1 in my promos. I get into champ select for the 3rd game and get put to sup, and I ask for mid. He says no because he wants to win and goes jhin with tp and ignite, there was a teemo top also who is his premade with tp and ignite... I waited for 1 second till start and had to dodge, they were trolling. I GOT A LOSS AND ENDED MY PROMOS BECAUSE I GET %%%%ING SUPPORT AND HAVE 2 PEOPLE TROLLING IN MY TEAM. DOG SHIT SYSTEM!
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