Banned for telling a new player to uninstall?

I dont understand this tbh. There was this terrible player, probalby with mental issues, losing the lane really hard and inting into the enemy zed. Even though the zed was utterly terrible he still dominated since he can just press one button to kill me and getting killed by trash is no fun at all. So I asked him why and he said "I am just new". So i told him to uninstall and not play the game if he isnt good at it since the only thing he is doing is ruining the game for others. Apparently riot thought that was toxic so i was banned for that. I just dont understand, he is terrible at the game yet I am the one banned? Where is the fariness in that? Edit 1: Its not a perma Edit 2: I have several other accounts with no report history, i am not toxic but its just not fun playing with toxic kids that ruin the game
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