Thanks for 6 years rito

I just got banned for what I guess was me flaming. It's fair. But now that I read the chat after I just think it sums up what League really is. Not. Fun. Anymore. Thanks for 6 years riot. Game 1: Fizz goes against Morgana mid, feeds and flames me (I was jungle so what a suprise). But we stayed even anyways untill my team started dying for no real reason and when Fizz started saying I sucked because I had 2 kills as a Sej I lost it. The funny part is that the enemy team actually sympathized with me. Game 2: Pretty much the same thing. Team goes in dying, feeding then flaming me as their jungler. Don't get me wrong. I think the ban was justified because I was flaming a lot. I'm not trying to get unbanned. EDIT: Question should say "ban" and not "bad". My fault and I can't edit the question.
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