Account suspended for being reported by friends as a joke

My account was just suspended for 14 days because my friends reported me as a joke! Here is the full story: So yesterday, 11.06.2016, me and 4 of my friends were playing a normal game (full team was premade). Since I suck at Yasuo, I decided to have fun and troll them a bit and went Yasuo mid telling them I am a one-trick pony Yasuo main. We all laughed and joked. Game started, 10 mintues in I was 1/5. Then 1/15. It was not feeding intentionatetly, I just suck at Yasuo. They all laughed and were cool, noone was mad. Since I was useless, I decided to sell all my items and bought 6 boots. W all laughed, noone got mad. Then somehow my team won that 4v5. As a joke, some of my friends reported me, thinking it will not do any harm, since we were premade. We go in another game, and I feed in that one too since I suck at this game. I have both games linked bellow, and since I had the same team in both games, it is proof that we were premade, and since I played with them again, it is proof that they didn't get mad from the first one. So I end the second game, and then league client pops up: Your account has been suspended for 14 days! What??? How does that work??? I have written a ticket to Riot, but all that they write back are prewritten emails and I can't get to talk to a human, so I turned to the boards. Game 1: Game 2: It is the summer vacation and I finally have some time to play league, and then this happens. I was never banned before, most punishment I got was a chat restriction one year ago, but I have since become nicer, and never got my account suspended until now. I am never toxic and I never feed since those chat restrictions. If further proof is needed, I can ask all of my friends to confirm that they were jsut having fun and had no idea the report would do something.
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