No matter my performance, I get flamed almost every game I play jungle.

Basically exactly what the title says. My team traces back every single mistake anyone made to me. I can have a positive KDA, good control of jungle, 2 lanes winning, but the one guy having a poor match won't hold back when it comes to flaming. Clearly it's always my fault that everyone else died because I didn't gank! As if I can gank literally every lane at every available opportunity while also clearing camps, denying the enemy jungler, taking dragon on spawn as well as the rift herald. I'm not sure what I expect from this thread but I just need to vent. I don't expect Riot to do anything because it's not really their fault. I'm pretty wound up right now because I just came from a match with people doing what I call "soft flaming". They're not overtly verbally abusing me, using swears, insults and so on. Simply pinging every mistake I make, questioning my decisions in chat constantly and trying to "advise" me on my builds, jungle route etc. I had to mute a guy's pings because he was literally pinging my jungle route to me. I know he might just be trying to help, but I know what I'm doing: if I'm in blueside river and my buff just came up as well as wolves, I know to go grab the buff and clear wolves. I know the dude's "advice" isn't genuine because he was also saying things like "how is this guy rank 7?" (referring to my mastery, as if that were ever any real indicator of skill? I just unlocked it for the hell of it and no I wish I hadn't). Perhaps I'm being a bit sensitive, but when you have two guys from a clan called "Masters of League of Legends" constantly trying to give you backhanded advise, blaming you for all their bad plays, and pinging all your errors, as well as other team mates joining in the circle jerk, it just gets frustrating. I didn't ask for their advice, I politely told them I don't need it, but they still carried on. No mate, I'm not going to build the way you told me to just because you're a random dude who claims to know what he's talking about over the internet, I'd rather trust the builds that have served me so far, that I found on sites like Mobafire and YouTube, you know, from people who are reviewed. You can downvote this to oblivion if you want, go onto my and see all my terrible matches and criticise me too, I don't really care. I know that my games are inconsistent and I die a lot so come at me.
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