Assuming that all League Players are Male

This is something that's been on my mind a bit recently when playing LoL and watching content from some YouTubers/steamers, so I thought I'd create a discussion to see what people's thoughts are on this, because I'd be interested to see what people think. You know how when your team secures as Ace, and some of your teammates say something in the chat along the lines of "gj" "wp"? I'm on the EUW server, and I've noticed recently that sometimes when my team makes a good play, one or two people will say "gj boys" or "wp lads". I've also noticed that certain League personalities (the two prevalent examples I'm thinking of here are Redmercy and Youmuus) will refer to their viewership as 'boys'. I'm probably being too much of a feminist here - I admit that - but I don't understand why the League community seems to assume that everyone playing the game is male. Why can't people just stick to saying "gg wp" without adding the "boys" at the end. Could League internet personalities just say "guys" (which is being treated as gender-neutral nowadays), or say both "boys and girls/ladies and gentlemen"? Whenever someone in the chat refers to boys or males in the chat, I usually type "boys???", and sometimes they'll response with "and girls srry", to which I'll just put a simple "ty". Are there any fellow girls who feel similarly to me about this, or am I just being too sensitive?
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