I have been accused of using Bots ( false accusation)

Hi all, After suffering issues trying to log into my account for over a week now have been informed via a support ticket that I have been suspected of using third party software on my account, specifically botting. I'd like to to start this by saying until today i Had never even heard the term, upon further research its used to quickly boost accounts to past the level 30 to play ranked. If you look at my account today you can notice that my current level is 102, meaning i would of benefited from virtually nothing EVEN IF I DID use the programs they are accusing me off. I have been a loyal, honestand most importantly a competitive player of this game, the thought of using something to gain an unfair adv sickens me, i have worked tremendously hard to achieve my current rank and my effort at this current time seems to be for naught. This is why i turn to you discussion boards, I need your help or a friendly member from the riot team to hear my cry for assistance and show me that they care about the people who play their game, spend money on the game and spend countless hours playing the game. This isn't a liar calling for help, this is a fan confused & hurt by not being able to play his favourite game over the summer. I am urging any riot employee to contact me so I can at least see the evidence of these "botting accusations", I didn't even receive an email detailing me of this ban i had to find out for myself. I am happy to answer ALL questions Re this matter, I am a goddamn honest player and I do not deserve this punishment, i am devastated and at this time just awaiting to hear back from you all here. Op gg link : http://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=The%20Lazy%20Rage LOOK FOR YOURSELVES WHERE HAVE I EVER BOTTED, WHAT WOULD I GAIN FROM DOING THIS AT MY CURRENT LEVEL THIS MAKES NO SENSE!? Community I ask for any suggestions, advice you may have, to one player to another please help me out of this position I have unjustly been placed in by Riot.
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