Why flaming your team doesent help you? A friendly guide from guy who's english isn't his national.

Welcome. If you are here you should read this. Lets talk about one of common toxin of this community. Flaming. What is flaming? Well its just agressive talking to members of your team, sometimes to enemy team. Sometimes flamer doesent know he is flaming, sometimes he does. Examples: -'OMG GRAGAS YOU %&*( NOOB GO UNNINSTAL" -"YOU ALL DESERVE CANCER YOU #*#%$#)&% #$&*$#( NOOBS" - "GO UNNINSTALL LOL JINX U (*#&^$)( FEEDER" -"REPORT ^*^^(^)%$%$ TARD"!! Report calling is also considered as flaming. Like - "Pls report (insert champion name of player who had bad day)" First of all time to analyse reasons why players are flaming. **Losing** This is major reason why people are releasing {{champion:63}} spirit and flame everyone. As we know League of Legends is team game, and its almost impossible to win game alone, and typical flamer knows that. When something goes wrong, typical flamer just tries to find reason of lose except himself. **Teammate makes mistake or dies too much** For flamer, everyone cant make any mistake. For example, someone misses his skillshot. Well, maybe Attempt to land skillshot was made well but enemies suddenly does something unpredictable or just enemies flashes away from skillshot road. There are many reasons skillshot can be missed, but for flamer only reason is because player, who missed skillshot was a #$#$%% noob, and starts to flame. Or other way someone dies many times on lane. Sometimes reason is the player was overextending too much. Sometimes is just perfect gank or sometimes is just jungler camping his lane. Especially problem starts when even plaing devensive doesent work (Because enemies are able to easily tower dive). But for flamer is only reason, this player is a $@%^#@$@#^ feeder and troll, and he starts flaming. And doesent mind to help his teammate when he is in trouble what cant take care alone. **Someone doesent agree with flamers PRO TACTICS ** Yea. there is another reason. Most of all some players are more experienced than others. And sometimes not all players must agree with themselves. I will just show example. Riven: Hey rengar, its time to tover dive this cho gath. Rengar: No, its bad idea because Cho Gath already got thornmail and we are not both farmed/fed Rengar just goes somewhere else but riven manages to tover dive cho gath and ends with death. Riven: WTF RENGAR WHY NO HELP YOU $^%#$^%$#^ NOOB Riven(All): ALL REPORT RENGAR @#@#@$$@ NOOB I HOPE HE GET CANCER Cho Gath: XXXXXDDDDDD Sometimes people can flame because someone makes build not matching his "Perfect build Idea" even when situation is bad for his "Perfect Build" Zed: OMG MALPHITE WHY YOU BUILD MAGIC RESIST? Malphite: They got 4 magic dmg based champions. Maxing armor in this situation is a bad idea. Zed: OMG MALPHITE STUPID NOOB. GO DIE, AND GET CANCER AND DIE AGAIN. There are many more reasons why people are flaming. But well it doesent bring anything good. Well some flamer thinks it does something good maybe they imaginate something like that: Braun: OMG CAITLYN YOU HAVE 0/2/0 GET CANCER YOU @%@#&%#&@ Caitlyn suddenly gets pentakill. Zed: Get cancer hecarim Hecarim manages to steal baron and then he gets pentakill Sona(all): PLS REPORT 0/9/0 VLADIMIR, @$%$#% TROLL AND FEEDER. VLAD I HOPE YOUR MOM GET CANCER. Vladimir gets pentakill. Well it seems weird but i think flamer just thinks flaming makes people play better. So the truth is.. No it doesent help team get well. 5 years of experience teaches me that. First of all lets get example. We have toplane riven who died 2 times aganist darius (first time because riven overextended and second time because of being victim of 3v1 tower dive). And then there comes insults from midlane from her team, something with insults about cancer and riven player's parents. So its flame, now how riven will react to flame? Of course is most common reaction because people react diffrent to flame, but there is no positive reaction. Sometimes player plaing riven just can mute flamer, but not all players are likely to mute, so lets go on when riven DOESENT mute First of all Riven just starts feeling stress pressure. This pressure can disturb in thinking, reflexes etc. Also pressure will make her more likely to make mistake. So in conclusion it will end with more deaths and fails, and this bring more flame aganist Riven. And Riven feels bigger pressure, and it ends with more mistakes and fails. The circle continues. Of course pressure can break player. Which ends with 2 things how riven player starts to react. 1. Overly cowardly play - well when riven goes 0/5/0 and get alot of flame, riven player just loses faith in himself. Tries to avoid enemy champions as long as wont be obvious advantage. Also will avoid teamfights, will do anything just to avoid another dead whats can make riven in team useless. 2. End this game ASAP play - Riven player just gives up and starts to spam surrender or intentionally feed enemy team just to end this game ASAP because it only broke riven player mentally and just want to end this game and stop being flaming scape goat. 3. Ragequit At both 3 situation team loses opportunity to win game. Instead of flaming, try to make your chat text sound positive or at least neutral ("Shen, try to hold on and play def and let darius push so we can gank him." Instead of "SHEN YOU #^%^@Q&# IDIOT" will dont make pressure on your teammate). Give good hints or help them with ganks. You see midlane has problem with enemy? Make good midlane ganks. You will seee difrence. Dont be that guy who beats laing teammate, be that guy who will give him hand and help him get up. You will see you will get better division.
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